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Revision of the translated text is an essential prerequisite to achieve a high-quality outcome. In complicated cases, e.g. with highly specialized texts, revision may take longer than the translation itself. Revision eliminates stylistic, logical and compositional errors. This process improves readability and clarity, because the revision process is intended to polish off the translation and really make it shine. Another important task of the reviser is to check all the facts, quotes, and terms. This often requires reaching out to industry experts and careful studying the subject matter of the text. This is how we are able to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, and guarantee the translation is loyal to the source text.

If you have insufficient time or ability to revise the translated text yourself, you can also assign this task to our professionals by adding this service when you place the written translation order with Databridge.

You can also contract us for revision of any of your translations, even those of non-Databridge origin.

We offer solutions for the most sought-after languages and specialist fields!